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Effective immediately, I will no longer be taking family and children sessions. I will only be doing high school seniors. Now, this is not an absolute. If you have been a client previously and wish to contact me for a non-senior session, please feel free to go ahead and do so. I will also offer mini-sessions periodically throughout the year for specific things, like Christmas. So as not not to leave you hanging, here are some other options for you to take a look at.

Sweet Pea Photography – Allyson does a fantastic job with children and families. She has a lifestyle approach to portraits that is just gorgeous. She does fill up quickly, though, so you’ll want to contact her early or be prepared for a waiting list.

Holly Birch Photography – Holly specializes in weddings and also enjoys shooting Illini sports. But, she does other stuff, too.

Jeremy Fenelon – He’s a wedding guy. I’ve never done weddings, but I do periodically get calls for weddings, so I thought I’d include Jemermy.

Carrie Bodznick – Carrie is just starting out, but does some nice work. She specializes in families and children, so is worth checking out.

I’m really looking forward to being able to fully focus on high school seniors. By specializing in this one area, I’ll be able to become the best I can and I’d rather be fantastic at one thing than just good at several.

Allyson - August 30, 2010 - 2:39 pm

Thanks for the link Stacey, and congrats on the new look (I love it!!) and focus for your business. I’m sure you’ll do fantastic – I know if I were back in high school, you’d be my choice for a senior photographer!

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My own sweet senior {Champaign Senior Photographer}

So, these aren’t her official Senior Portraits. She wanted a new picture for her Facebook profile. And really, she needed one. The one she was using was a mobile phone pic. Ick. So we went out last night and shot in the setting sun. Can’t wait for those braces to come off so we can go out and do her “real” senior session!

Laura Brett - August 4, 2010 - 4:15 am

Wow, she is stunning. Great job Stacy!

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I love flowers. I especially love sunflowers. Those and daisies are my most favorite flowers ever. I think the sunflower thing has something to do with being a Kansas girl. You know the saying, you can take the girl out of Kansas…. Well, that’s me. I was taken out of Kansas just over 10 years ago. I could probably live the rest of my life here in Illinois, and still be a Kansas girl. Well, for you local folks who probably don’t know this, Kansas is nicknames the Sunflower State and in fact, the state flower is the sunflower. I don’t think I even know the state flower for Illinois. I just asked my school aged kids and they don’t even know. Don’t they teach this in school? Well, anyway. At the beginning of Spring, we planted flowers in the patch of dirt in front of our house. We bought a bunch of already growing stuff in bloom to start it out. We also sprinkled out a bunch of seeds that came in a packet called Butterfly Garden. I didn’t really pay attention to what was in the packet when I bought it. I just wanted to attract butterflies to lay eggs so we could watch the life cycle of the caterpillar turning butterfly. That hasn’t happened. Maybe next year. But, I don’t care because I’ve got these amazing, 6 foot tall sunflower plants growing now. I inspect them every day, watching and waiting with eager anticipation for them to open. This morning, one of them finally accommodated me. It’s only about half way open, but may be even more by evening. I can’t wait to see it. What was really exciting for me (and I’m easily excited) is that it’s red!! Of course, the traditional color for sunflowers is yellow. And I do believe that some of them are yellow, from what I can see of the petals peeking through. Naturally, I had to go and take some pictures of my red sunflower. I also shot a couple of others in various stages of blooming. While I was out there, I decided to snap some quick shots of several of the other things that popped up out of this Butterfly Garden packet. Enjoy!

Laura Brett - August 2, 2010 - 1:53 pm

Beautiful Stacy, love love the macro!!!!

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